How does it work the Rate Checker?

Detailed Report

Each competitor that you keep under observation is analyzed with accurate data on pricing and availability. It's dynamic: you can choose specific sample frequency for analyzing and comparing the data with your reference.


Rate Checker is very flexible and each competitor can be kept under control with different policies. For example, you can select a custom frequency for the analysis(eg daily or weekly). You can also choose to control it manually, launching an analysis when you feel it most appropriate.

Easy and clear

Data collected with Rate Checker are accessible easily. There are different levels of detail. You can view reports starting with the numerical data, to get control on every single comma, or use the convenient summary graphs or comparison.

Automatic notifications

The Rate Checker is able to automatically notify the events you are most interested in, such as changes in price and availability of your hotel competitors, which are potentially important for your trade policies.


Observations on each of your competitors may be related, getting comparisons that help to identify the most important information on the evolution of your market.


In the future, the data collected by the Rate Checker constitute an archive that can allow you to analyze the commercial characteristics of the previous years and the trend of your competitors over time.


If you want to integrate a rate checking service within your management software for hotels and bed and breakfasts, Rate Checker provides an interface system that makes it possible. Look here!