Rate Checker, compare the rates of your competitor hotels

Compare prices and keep on eye on the availability of your competitor hotels

Before choosing trade policies of your hotel or your bed and breakfast, compare prices and availability at your competitor hotels. The WuBook Rate Checker allows you to keep monitored the prices and availability of competitors in your market.

Make your choices more effective

Avoid using prices that are too high or too low for your room. Getting the strategies applied by your direct competitors you can find the best policy for your business profile. Being competitive when you need it and taking advantage of the busiest moments to raise prices can make a difference. Not only directly: if you work on OTA, the right price can help you gain visibility.

Easy and flexible

Rate Checker is easy and intuitive, although it contains many features. A few clicks allow you to configure it for your personal needs and to keep under observation, with automatic notifications, changes in price or availability of your competitors. The use of the Rate Checker also offers possibility to build an historical record of the trend of your market.

Fair Prices

As always, WuBook applies fair and democratic rates, in other words, that makes our work accessible to large or small structure. Any competitor you want to keep under observation can be activated for free for two weeks. And, therefore, you're also free to try it before you buy it. For details, please see the prices page .